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Year Round / German-style Altbier

Long Trail Ale

Back to our roots, back to the trail. Our journey began in 1989 when the first batch of Long Trail Ale was released under the Mountain Brewers moniker. Inspired by Vermont’s 273-mile walking path, we’re going back to the trail with a super limited throwback can, paying homage to our Green Mountain roots and the look that started our adventure.

Grab some cans, pack a bag, hike on and celebrate the look that inspired our journey. Look for this limited edition, white can in select markets. 

Long Trail Ale is a full-bodied amber ale brewed with our top fermenting house yeast that yields a complex, clean flavor.

Our flagship brew has weaved its way into the Vermont landscape and become as much a Green Mountain tradition as the 273 miles of the Long Trail itself. Plenty has changed since the first batch rolled off the line, but one thing remains constant, Long Trail Ale’s presence at ski hills, cookouts and get-togethers all over the East Coast. 

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