When is my favorite beer being released?

We offer a variety of core favorites and rotating offerings. Click here to visit our beers page and check out the Available Now section to see what is currently being offered!

Where can I find your beer?

We’re currently distributed in 13 states and the District of Columbia. Click here to check out our Beer Finder to see which beers are available near you!

Long Trail is not distributed in my area, can you ship it to me?

Unfortunately we’re not legally allowed to ship our beers direct to consumers.

Does your beer contain wheat?

We use malted wheat in several of our brews including Long Trail AleDouble BagTriple BagTrail Hopper IPA, Summer Ale and Blackbeary Wheat.

How do I know when my beer was packaged?

We label every bottle and 12-pack with the date it was packaged. On the bottle, yellow laser ink is printed onto the bottle neck. On the 12-pack, the date is printed on top of the box.

What is the shelf life of Long Trail beer?

As a rule, we have a 120 day shelf-life policy that we use with our retailers to ensure only the freshest product is stocked and available. Some of our bigger brews like Triple Bag, Barrel Aged Triple Bag and others can be cellared like wine and will age gracefully as flavors mellow and develop. On the flipside, hoppy beers like VT IPA  should be consumed as fresh as possible (within 90 days).

What is your donation policy?

Long Trail is proud to support organizations that share our core values. A commitment to environmental stewardship, resource conservation, our community and active, healthy lifestyles is rooted in our company’s mission. Click here to learn more about requesting a donation. Please note that in order to be considered, your donation request must be submitted with at least 60 days notice.