Where are you located?

Our brewery is located in Bridgewater Corners at the junction of Rte. 4 and 100a. We're 2.5 hours north of Boston and about 1.5 hours south of Burlington, Vermont.

Click here for directions. 

What are your hours?

We're open to the public 11am-7pm, daily.

How do I contact Long Trail?

Send us a letter at 5520 US Rte. 4 // Bridgewater Corners, Vt. 05035 or shoot us an email—we'd love to hear from you!

Do you offer guided tours?

At this time we don't offer guided tours of our brewery. Take a look at the brewing operation on the Observation Deck attached to our pub. 

Do you take reservations?

Due to the volume of guests we see, and keeping our facility available to everyone at all times, we do not take reservations. We do have a paging system, a self-guided tour, an inside bar and outside tiki bar, benches, Adirondack chairs, and lawn space next to the Ottauquechee River available for those waiting for a table where you can grab a beer while you wait.

What is your Tour Bus Policy?

Due to the volume of summer traffic, we ask that buses and tour groups exceeding 15 persons provide advance notice. If you show up unannounced, we reserve the right to refuse service to your group. If you would like to be added to our list of approved brewery tour providers, please email us at ltales@longtrail.com to initiate a discussion with us. If you have a tour party greater than 15 individuals, please contact us directly to schedule an appropriate time to visit the brewery. 

I would like to host a private function at Long Trail

Thank you for your interest in our space. For details, booking information and availability, please contact Brian Sherwood at brian.sherwood@longtrail.com

Click here to view our established catering menu and options.  

What is the capacity of your Pub and Restaurant?

Our pub & restaurant has an inside capacity of 100, with outside seating for another 140 more during the late spring, summer and early fall. Depending on the weather, day of the week and time of arrival, we can handle just about any size group. Groups of 10 or less can fit around one of our larger tables. Groups of 10- 20 will require a few tables, and as such may take a little longer to get seated, especially during peak business hours (12:30- 3:00 on weekends). 

Are children allowed at your brewery?

Yes, our pub & restaurant is a kid-friendly environment. Please remember that only persons 21 and over with valid identification will be served alcohol. 

Do you allow dogs or other small animals?

We love pets! Unfortunately, per the State of Vermont Health codes, only Service Animals are prohibited at the Long Trail Pub and Restaurant. 

What is your donation policy?

Learn about it here


Do you fill growlers?

We’re happy to fill any growlers—branded or not— with our fresh-from-the-source brews. 

Cleanliness is right next to tastiness, so we use an extensive cleaning process to ensure our beer reaches your glass with all the flavors and aromas our brewers intend. 

For that reason, Long Trail reserves the right to not fill any vessel that appears to contain dust, dirt or any other outside particles that might affect the enjoyment of our beer. 


Clean your bottle for you before filling 

Fill a bottle deemed by our staff to be unsanitary, at the risk of contaminating our beer 

Fill a bottle deemed by our staff to be damaged or broken

When is my favorite beer released?

We offer a variety of rotating offerings including; Mostly Cloudy and Summer Ale in the warmer months; Harvest for the autumn season and "Sick Day," for when the air is cold and the snow is deep. 

Long Trail Ale, Green Blaze IPA, Double Bag, Cranberry GoseUnearthed Stout, Trail Hopper IPA and Limbo IPA are available year-round. 

Keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter to learn about what's pouring at the visitor center and beyond. 

Where can I find your beer?

Check out our beer finder app. 

Where is your beer distributed?

We're currently distributed in 13 states and the District of Columbia. To see a full list of our distributor partners, click here

I didn't see any distribution in (insert state here), can you ship some beer to me?

Unfortunately we're not allowed to ship our beers. We do ship soft goods and glassware through our gift shop, so hit the trail in style! 

Does your beer contain wheat?

We use malted wheat in several of our brews including Long Trail Ale, Double Bag, Limbo, Mostly Cloudy, Cranberry Gose, Pumpkin Ale (Retired), Triple Bag, Brush & Barrel Imperial Pumpkin and our Berliner Weisse. 

How do I know when my beer was packaged?

We label every bottle and 12-pack with the date it was packaged. On the bottle, yellow laser ink is printed onto the bottle neck. On the 12-pack, the date is printed on top of the box. We recommend our beers be enjoyed within 120 days of packaging to ensure the experience our brewers intend. 

What's the shelf-life of your beer?

All our beer is best enjoyed as fresh as possible. Hop flavor and aroma, for example, gradually fades over time and the experience is altered as a result. That's why we code our beers with the date they were packaged. As a rule, we have a 120 day shelf-life policy that we use with our retailers to ensure only the freshest product is stocked and available.

Some of our bigger brews in the Brush & Barrel Series can be cellared like wine and will age gracefully as flavors mellow and develop.

On the flipside, hoppy beers like Space Juice and Over the Handlebars should be consumed as fresh as possible (within 60 days). 

Seeing a lot of old beer in your market? Send us a message and we'll freshen up your area. 

Why is there "sediment" in my bottle?

The sediment, or “floaties”, is suspended yeast and proteins from malts and hops used in the brewing process. In most cases, gravity allows sediment to settle at the bottom of a bottle or keg.  This is a naturally occurring event in unfiltered and dry-hopped beers.

Several of our beers—like Long Trail Ale and Double Bag, for example—are filtered before packaging. We choose to leave a number of brews unfiltered so they reach your glass with the hoppy, fresh-from-the-tank flavor that we enjoy at the brewery.

While we understand this unfiltered look might not be appealing to everyone, we believe that leaving our beers unfiltered allows us to create offerings that are true-to-style and full of flavor.

If you prefer a clearer option, consider decanting into a glass—as you would wine or a Belgian Trappist Ale—and leaving the sediment behind. Either way, we hope you’ll raise a glass with us and enjoy the full flavor of the fruits of our brewers’ labor. 

What happened to Blackbeary Wheat?


For nearly 20 years, Blackbeary Wheat has been a staple in our family of ales-- first as a summer seasonal and, more recently, a year-round offering. It’s no secret that palates have evolved over the years with taste buds shifting away from beers like Blackbeary Wheat. We’ve thought long and hard and decided to wind down production of Blackbeary Wheat. That doesn’t mean it’s gone forever—we’ll leave the door open (and a pie on the windowsill) for its return—but this one’s going into hibernation for now.

The silver-lining from this decision gives us the flexibility to brew more specialty beers and other one-off projects in the works for 2014 and 2015. In addition, our brewers have worked hard to create new, exciting recipes that we believe are worthy of Long Trail’s craft beer heritage.  This was a tough decision as Blackbeary Wheathas been a fan-favorite in Vermont and beyond for many years. We appreciate your feedback and support as we continue the journey into our 25th year. Cheers!

When will Hibernator be released?

Since 1995, Hibernator has been a staple in our award winning selection of seasonal styles. Our classic winter brew has warmed the souls of countless snowbound drinkers looking for the extra comfort a winter beer provides.

After nearly 20 years of on- and off-mountain enjoyment, the fire has gone out for the last time as we’ve decided to bid farewell to our long-time winter seasonal in favor of our forth-coming release, “Sick Day."

Knee deep in hop flavor and balanced by a toasty, warming malt presence, “Sick Day” will replace Hibernator as our winter seasonal offering beginning in October 2014.

The first bottle label to feature the legendary bears, Hibernator’s legacy will live on in the hearts of all of us here at Long Trail. We know its presence will be missed, but we’re confident that we’ve brewed a worthy replacement. We invite you to raise a glass in celebration of the past as we look towards the sick days to come!

When will Space Juice be released?

At this time we are brewing and releasing a very limited amount of Space Juice. Please keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter as we plan to brew more Space Juice in 2016. 


My store is not appearing on your Beer Finder. Can you please add it to your list?

We work with a third-party service that aggregates retailer information that is automatically published in our Beer Finder application. Unfortunately we can't manually add retailers, so please shoot us a message and we will work with a representative to get you listed as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and support!